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Public Works           



PHONE:    (520) 432-6002


Operations Manager: Andy Haratyk          432-6004

Administrative Assistant: Saira Alvarez    432-6004 

Administrative Assistant: Lorena Valdez  432-6002

Public Works Office: 118 Arizona Street (2nd Floor)       (520) 432-6002 or 432-6004

Bisbee Municipal Airport : Call (520) 432-6002 for Airport Information,

CLICK HERE  for more Airport information

Public Works Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact if I have a sewer problem or if I notice a sewer problem somewhere?

Contact the Public Works Department at 432-6002 between 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday to report a sewer problem.  However, if a sewer problem occurs during a weekday before 8:00 AM and after 5:00 PM, or on a weekend or a holiday, please contact the Police Department at 432-2261 to report the sewer problem. Wastewater personnel are ready to respond to any sewer problem 24 hours a day. Please keep in mind, if the Wastewater Personnel determine the sewer problem to be private, you are responsible for contacting a plumber to perform or repair the work.


(Note: It takes 11 days from the time you call for pick up.)


Each collection area will be serviced every other Wednesday. During this day, City employees will collect, at no extra cost to the public, yard debris such as tree limbs, branches, dead plants, and leaves.

  • The branches and limbs must be cut into 3 foot or smaller lengths and tied into bundles not to exceed thirty-five pounds.

  • The total amount of yard debris allowed per pickup is 2 cubic yards.

  • Please call the Public Works Department at 432-6002 to request for pick-up of yard debris by 5:00 PM on the Monday prior to the Wednesday pickup.

Please call the Public Works Department at 432-6002 to schedule a pick-up for items/materials other than yard debris.  The City will provide a special pickup for items such as refrigerators, washers, dryers, water heaters, furniture and construction material from residential remodeling.  This does not include items from a Contractor. 

  • Please do not set out items prior to the Saturday before the scheduled pickup date.
  • The initial fee for a special pick-up fee is $30.00 and must be paid prior to the date that items are to be picked-up. A maximum of two cubic yards or 750 pounds will be picked up for the initial fee of thirty dollars. A Service fee shall be calculated by summing the labor, equipment and disposal cost needed to do the collection, if the pick-up exceeds the initial two yards or 750 pounds.

                    - Large dump truck (greater than 5 cy)   = $ 25.00/hour

                   - Small dump truck                                = $ 15.00/hour

                   - Pickup truck                                       = $ 10.00/hour

                   - Loader                                                 = $ 35.00/hour

                   - Labor (per person)                            =  $ 15.00/hour

                   - Disposal                                             = posted fee at transfer station

  •  The increment of time shall be by the quarter hour.


Call the Public Works Office at 432-6002 for questions or concerns regarding regular garbage pick-up.

  • Garbage needs to be out before 6:00 a.m. the day of collection to guarantee pickup.
  • The requirement for garbage pick up in Old Bisbee is that garbage is bagged and weigh less than 40 lbs. Residents in Old Bisbee should furnish their own garbage containers.  All containers must have tight fitting lids.  Is highly recommended to reduce animal access.

The seven (7) hard working individuals who make up the Sanitation Department and Recycling Department for the City of Bisbee thank you for your cooperation and consideration.

Does the City of Bisbee have a recycling program?

You can drop off aluminum cans, newspaper, magazines, and cardboard for recycling at the Cochise County Transfer Station on Tovreaville Road . Click here for additional information about our recycling program.


Where can I get information on where someone is buried in Evergreen cemetery?

Contact the Public Works Department at 520.432.6002 for assistance in locating graves. If you can provide us with the date of death of the deceased it assists us with our search. Once we locate the gravesite we will provide you with a map showing the location. You may also find cemetery information  at

Can I reserve a burial plot at the Evergreen Cemetery ?

Unfortunately, due to the limited space available before the cemetery reaches full capacity, we can no longer sell or reserve plots in advance for later use. the city does make an exception for those who have a spouse buried in Evergreen. In these cases a space may be reserved next to the deceased spouse so that husband and wife may be buried side by side.


Do I need permission from the City of Bisbee to do anything to a gravesite?

Yes, an ordinance was passed in June of 2001 requiring a permit from the City of Bisbee, Public Works Department be issued before any type of permanent structure such as curbing be constructed or installed on any gravesite at the cemetery. This is to help ensure curbing or other structures will not encroach onto neighboring graves. Contact the Public Works Department to obtain this free permit.  Click here for the 2012 Evergreen Cemetery Permanent Structure Permit ApplicationPlease contact the Public Work Department at (520) 432-6002 for more information.

Parks and Recreation Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need a permit to use a park or other city property?

A Park, Facility and Right-of-Way use Permit is required for picnics, outings or gatherings involving fifty (50) or more persons; contests, exhibits, performances, circuses, spectacles, fairs, shows, stunts, demolition or box car derbies, rodeos, motor vehicle races/events, liquor and/or beer consumption or sales, firework displays, fund raising or similar events and in order to reserve any park, facility or public right-of-way to the exclusion of others. Many of these events require that insurance coverage be provided showing the City as an additional insured. A Park, Facility and Right-Of-Way Use Permit is available here or on the second floor at City Hall. The form needs to be notarized and approved by City Council which meets the first and third Tuesday of each month.

How far in advance do I need to submit my permit?

CITY CODE requires permits to be received a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the event. This is to ensure sufficient time for the request for a permit to appear before Mayor and Council for approval.


How will I know if my permit has been approved?

Contact the Public Works Department at 432-6002following the council meeting, however you will be contacted if there is a problem with the permit.


Are there fees associated with using the parks?

Yes, the fees depend on the services you request and the type of event. Contact Lorena Valdez at

432-6002 for additional information.


When do you need a special event license?

A Special Event License is required for any temporary commercial activity which is open to the general public for purchase of merchandise or vending of goods. Examples of these activities are swap meets, arts and crafts fairs, street fairs and street vendors.


Where can I go to find out more about what to do in Bisbee?

The City of Bisbee 's Visitor Center official website at

Public Works Department:

The City of Bisbee Public Works Department consists of a Streets Division, Sanitation Division, Wastewater Division, Facilities Maintenance, Parks Maintenance, Fleet Maintenance and the Administration Division, which is staffed by City of Bisbee employees. Public Works is also responsible for the maintenance and operation of the Evergreen Cemetery, the ‘Old Bisbee’ fire suppression system, and oversight of the Bisbee Municipal Airport.

Streets Division

The Streets Division consists of two full-time employees . The primary function of this department is maintenance of City streets, alleys, stairs, and other properties and right of ways. Typical duties consist of patching and repairing streets, repainting traffic control markings such as cross walks, repairing, replacing, or installing traffic and pedestrian signing, and controlling vegetation, which may impede vehicular or pedestrian traffic, or the visibility of signs or markers.

The Streets Division handles the digging of graves at the Evergreen Cemetery, and the preparation for internments by installing the casket lowering device and the greenery. After the service, the casket is lowered, the equipment and greenery is removed, and the grave is covered.

Other duties of this department include the preparation for the many events put on in the City, not the least of which is the 4th of July & Festival of Lights and the clean up after the events. The grounds maintenance at the airport, road maintenance to the wastewater facilities in Warren and San Jose, and the cleaning and maintenance required of the drainage structures of which there are many.

The major equipment available for this department consists of a motor grader, Case loader, two Mack ten wheel dump trucks, a small Ford dump truck, a small Ingersoll Rand steel drum roller, and an old Ford tractor with flail mower.

Sanitation Division

The Sanitation Division consists of two container truck drivers, and a one-man crew that does hand

pick-up and three Recyclers in Old Bisbee.

Residential garbage is picked up one day per week in Old Bisbee, commercial garbage is picked up Five days per week, and a free yard debris pick-up is conducted each Wednesday.

The sanitation crew is responsible for the maintenance of the dumpsters, and the 90-gallon rollout containers used in the automatic pick-up operation.

The major equipment for the Sanitation Department are three side pick-up automatic trucks one Ford, and one Pieterbuilt, the small truck used in ‘Old Bisbee’, and a flatbed trash truck.

Wastewater Division

The Wastewater Division consists of one supervisor and seven employees. These employees operate and maintain three treatment facilities, which are Mule Gulch Wastewater Treatment Plant, Warren Treatment Facility, and San Jose Wastewater Treatment Facility. In addition to the plant and lagoons, the crew maintains the collection system consisting thousands of feet of sewer mains, is assigned the maintenance duties for the ‘Old Bisbee’ fire suppression system, and is responsible for marking the Blue Stake requests as required.

Wastewater personnel are available 24 hours per day, seven days per week including holidays. At least one operator is scheduled to work on the weekends to take care of the necessary work at the Mule Gulch Plant, and get the meter readings from the other two facilities and answer calls. Outside of normal working hours, wastewater personnel are accessed by calling the Police Department.


The Public Works Administration consists of the Public Works Director, an Operations Manager and two Administrative Assistants.  The Administration Office processes administrative responsibilities, such as purchase orders, payment requests, work orders, and payroll for all staff in this Department, to name a few responsibilities.  

A database on the Evergreen Cemetery is being developed from various sources dating back to 1912. Requests for grave locations average four per week, and some are quite time consuming since the records accuracy depended upon the person recording the data, and the way the data was maintained varied with each person.


The Bisbee Municipal Airport is overseen by the Public Works Department with an Part Time Airport Manager. Future development of the site has been laid out in a City Council adopted Airport Master Plan, and grant applications through ADOT and the FAA have been based upon the outline of that plan.


There is an Airport Advisory Committee, which meets on a regular basis and submits ideas and requests to the City concerning the operation and planning of the airport.


There are no curtsey vehicles.

 CLICK HERE for more information on the Airport.    

Evergreen Cemetery

The City owned and operated cemetery is not a perpetual care facility, however the City in the past has assumed the role of caretaker, which is now an expected position.