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Community Development      


Community Development Director,

Jestin Johnson, City Manager   (520) 432-6014

Program/Grant Administrator Corinna Carbajal                (520) 432-6016


Building Inspector, Joe Ward                                                   (520) 432-6015


Visitor's Center Supervisor Ilona Smerekanich                    866-224-7233                                                     (520) 432-3554


Queen Mine Tour Manager Douglas Graeme                       (520) 432-2071 or 866-432-7071


Animal Shelter Coordinator, Megan Lumpkin                    (520) 432-6020       

Animal Shelter Coordinator,                            


Community Development Department  

The Community Development Department works to provide the community with services that enhance the quality of life and improve economic opportunities. The department is responsible for:



In addition, the department provides staff liaisons to the following Boards or Commissions:  

•  Planning and Zoning Commission
•  Board of Adjustment
•  Design Review Board
•  Bisbee Arts Commission

•  Committee on Disability Issues

•  Transportation Advisory Council - Bisbee Bus

•  Community Sustainability Commission

•  iBisbee Committee


Each year the Community Development Department challenges itself to improve services, expand opportunities and respond to the changing needs of the Bisbee community. The CDD not only meets these goals, but welcomes the unforeseen issues that require flexibility, creativity and dedication to address and solve. Worth noting are the number of ways that this department has partnered with other City departments on a variety of projects.


For information on Planning and Zoning click here


For information on the Bisbee Arts Commission click here


For information on the Committee on Disability Issues Meeting Dates click here



Animal Shelter is located at 938A Tovreaville Road


How can I volunteer my time or services at the Bisbee Animal Shelter?   

The Bisbee Animal Shelter gladly accepts volunteers to assist in the many different tasks that are required to maintain a clean, healthy shelter with happy, well exercised animals. Individuals with a desire to help at the shelter can obtain a Volunteer Application at City Hall located at 118 Arizona Street, Bisbee, AZ 85603. Once you have completed the application return it to City Hall.


Is the Bisbee Animal Shelter a no kill shelter?

We strive to be a no kill shelter, which means no adoptable animal is euthanized, and that all efforts are made to have the animal adopted or placed in a foster home until a loving permanent home is found.


How can I find out what animals are available for adoption?

The Bisbee Animal Shelter is open from 10:00am to 2:00pm., Tuesday through Saturday. People interested in adoption are welcome to stop by anytime during these hours. You may also call 432-6020 for a listing of potential pets, the Bisbee Animal Shelter Facebook Page or log on to


How do I adopt a pet?

Complete an Adoption Application at the shelter. There is a $50.00 adoption fee which covers Spay / Neutering and a Rabies Vaccination.



Documents and forms:

Amendment to the Zoning Code Application and Instructions 2009      

Board of Adjustment Application 2009

Building Permit Application 

Design Review Board Application

Design Review Board Guidelines  
General Plan 

Manufactured Home Permit 2009 

Rezoning Application 2009

Site Plan Review Application 2009 
Special Events Permit 

Special Use Permit Application 2009
Subdivision Code 

Transfer or Sale of City Real Property Application 2009

Zoning Code, Updated May 2012


Title VI Compliance Poster for Transit

Title VI Complaint Process

Title VI Complaint Form


Building Inspector Frequently Asked Questions


What Codes has the City adopted?

The City of Bisbee has adopted the following codes:

 2012 International Buliding Code

 2012 International Residential Code

 2012 International Existing BuidingCode

 2012 International Plumbing Code

 2012 International Mechanical Code 

 2012 International Fuel Gas Code

 2012 International Energy Conservation Code

 2012 International Property MaintenanceCode

 2012 International Fire Code   

 2014 National Electric Code                    

Copies of these codes are available at the Library .


How do I apply for a Building Permit? 

For small jobs such as utility changeovers, plumbing and re-roofing, a building permit can be issued immediately. For larger jobs that involve structural changes or new construction, there is a minimum 24 hour review period. You may submit your plans and the Building Department will review your design. You will then be notified of any design changes needed or if your plans are approved and ready to be finalized. Contact the Bulding Inspector at 432-6015 or send e-mail to


What determines the cost of a Building Permit?

Building permit fees are taken directly from the Building Code. Building permits fees are based on the valuation of the job, this includes materials and labor. There is no minimum valuation which will exempt you from needing a permit. If you are using a contractor, a bid proposal should be included with your building permit application. I


What is an exempt property owner? 

An exempt property owner means that you may work on your own residential property without hiring a licensed contractor. You may not pay anyone to work for you. In other words, this means a worker cannot receive any type of compensation. You may not claim exempt property owner for commercial property, a licensed commercial contractor must be used. The City of Bisbee works closely with the Registrar of Contractors to ensure that state laws regarding licensed contractors are upheld. You can contact the ROC at 459-5119 regarding licensing information. Or visit them online at


What is the Design Review Board?        

If you are considering any exterior construction in the Bisbee Historic District (Old Bisbee) you must first present an application to the Design Review Board for approval. This includes work on houses, garages or other structures. The DRB strives to preserve the architectural style that exists in Old Bisbee. The DRB is comprised of seven members of the community and meets the first Wednesday of every month. Applications are due 10 working days before the meeting by noon. CLICK HERE FOR A COMPLETE LIST OF DRB MEETING DATES. You must be present at the meeting or send a representative. Once you have received DRB approval, you may apply for a building permit the following day if you wish.  Design Review Board Applications and Guidelines are available above, in the Document Center or at City Hall. 





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